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Gear Selection….what do I really need?

When starting any indie or feature film the fist question is what gear will I use. Here is a nice article from Film Slate Magazine. this is a good place to start when trying to select what gear you need. Check it out here gear guide.


Viral Video Model Changing?

It seems that the viral video model may be changing. You need more the just a run of the mill video to stand out on YouTube now. The Gregory Brothers have a gift for turning viral videos into hilarious and danceable pop songs. Most notably “The Bed Intruder” song. Here is an interesting article from Forbes about this new model of viral video, and how not only the Gregory Brothers but also the unintentional talent are both making some serious money. A Model for Viral Video Remix Profit-Sharing

The After Effects Take Over!!

Have you noticed that everywhere you look today you are likely to find some kind of motion graphics that was made with After Effects. You see it all over from poorly made car ads to ads for crappy MTV reality TV shows. I am starting to wonder is this what your average producer and editor have come up with is that the only way they are able to grab peoples attention is with flashy motion graphics. Now don’t get me wrong on some more high end productions you see great uses of AE however I am see more and more poorly made effects make it to main stream media. WIth a quick google search you basic After Effects user is able to find tutorials on all sorts of effects and mash a bunch of them together and come up with something presentable. Some of these people however probably would not be able to get the same message across if you limited them to basic cuts and good editing technique. I just feel that right now many productions are too After Effects heavy and that we need to get back to the basics. You could have the best video and audio in the world but at the end of the day if you are not able to tell your story or relay your message then all that expensive equipment you used to get your great video and audio is useless.

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